SAMARITAN (NL) "Release the burden" MCD

3-4 Tage (Ausland abweichend)
UVP 7,00 EUR
Nur 5,00 EUR

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  • Marijn ex-BORN FROM PAIN and new ENEMY GROUND guitar player, strikes back with his new band and they show how to play REAL Metalcore, without any crappy popular melodic hints. Musicwise this is definitely a couple levels upwards, think of early HATEBREED mosh meets meets massive BORN FROM PAIN heaviness with a Thrash Metallic sidestep towards early MACHINE HEAD or THE HAUNTED. ASICE Ezine: "...SAMARITAN makes music that will turn the average venue into a battlefield...". Pure Dutch brutality.
  • Label: FILLED WITH HATE Records (D)
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