ANTE UP (USA) "See you in hell" CD

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  • In the past two decades, the Motor City Detroit underground scene generated legendary names like COLD AS LIFE, H8INC, DOGZ OF WAR, EARTHMOVER and xTYRANTx. Now in 2015 it´s time for ANTE UP to queue into this list of heavy Michigan Hardcore outfits with the release of “See you in hell”. On their 12-song full-length debut, ANTE UP created a relentless hybrid of classical violent Detroit Hardcore with uncompromising modern Beatdown Mosh full of rage and animosity. Featuring guest-vocals by Mat CITIZEN, Pelbu KNUCKLEDUST, Martijn NO TURNING BACK and Ziggy ANIMALHAUS, plus great cover-art done by FURY OF FIVE guitarist Derrick.
  • Label: FILLED WITH HATE Records (D)
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