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50 CALIBER (UK) "Demo 2009" CDr
  • 2020... The UK heavy Hardcore scene is famous for metallic riffing Beatdown Mosh along the lines of DESOLATED, MALEVOLENCE, SPLITKNUCKLE and BUN DEM OUT. 15-20yrs ago there was a band called 50 CALIBER who combined SLAYtanic, ARKANGEL styled guitar riffs with angry and furious vocals plus the meanest European beatdown breaks ever. After an hiatus in 2002 the band just recorded three songs only published via YouTube. With the permission of Terry CALIBER, FWH is finally putting out those two 2009 Demo trax on a physical DIY CDr version. Handnumbered and blablabla. For fans of ARKANGEL, REPRISAL, BUN DEM OUT, STAMPIN GROUND, BEATDOWN FURY, KICKBACK and KNUCKLEDUST.
  • Label: FILLED WITH HATE Records (D)
3,66 EUR
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