BLOOD SERMON (SWE) "Life drains..." 7inch
  • These Swedish lads dropped a bunch of tracks late last year and GRR decided to go for it. Classic Edge Metal from ye olde time when it meant windmills and moshing instead of a tattoo / beauty contest. They are currently touring Europe and they have a bunch of the records with them. So go check them out, support Hardcore and have a great time. Pressed on solid early morning sky blue in a limited edition. Strongly influenced by the 90´s Swedish sXe scene with bands like ABHINANDA, old REFUSED, PURUSAM, the glorious H8000 sounds and Belgian classics like ASHLAR and KINDRED.
  • Label: GRIM REALITY Records (SUI)
6,00 EUR
VAT exempt according to current tax regulations excl. Shipping costs
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