Out soon!!! Denver, Colorado Beatdown. Guest-vocals by Chris CHAMBER OF MALICE.



Back in 2002 FWH received an oustanding demo CDr by French based Beatdown outfit BLOOD AND SWEAT. After some mails back and the forth the contact interrupted. Now 16 years later the band is back on track and recorded 7 new heavy Hardcore Beatdown tunes for their debut release entitled "Down to earth". Its a perfect combination of old styled NYC Beatdown HC a la DENIED, BULLDOZE, BILLYCLUB SANDWICH with a modern sound like NASTY and VOW OF HATRED. Released as 4-panel digipack CD strictly limited to 150 copies.




BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT (USA) "All These Years And Nothing" CDEP

Last summer legendary Indiana Hardcore bruisers BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT start playing some shows again, so the decision was made to release some older material first time on a physical disc. "All these years and nothing" includes 2 unreleased songs from 2010 and a never released 7inch from 2004, including a cover of KILLING TIMEs "Cheap thrills". Founded back in 2002 after the split of RIGHT ARM DEATH THREAT the band released three full-length dics on SPOOK CITY and THORNZ Records and became one of the leading bands of the mid-00s Indiana Hardcore scene. Pummeling fast paced Hardcore combined with a groove, nice breakdows, pissed-off vocals and singalongs. For fans of CLENCHED FIST, MADBALL, CROWD DETERRENT, FIGHT LIKE HELL and DEATH THREAT. Comes with 4-pages full-colour booklet. Strictly limited to 100 copies.




PUSH NJ "Rock Bottom And Its Basement" CDEP

Featuring ex-members of well known New Jersey bands like LIFELESS, WHEN THESE DAYS END and DISSENT, PUSH NJHC hit the spot with an intense debut EP full of rage and anger. Deep and sometimes hate fueled lyrics reflecting dark life experiences combined with an energetic heavy Hardcore soundtrack encouraging some of todays meanest mosh moments. Pushing hard riffs, driving drums and pissed-off vocals are they key components of "Rock bottom and its basement". Including guest-appearance by Tommy GARLAND GREENE and Jeremy LIFELESS. Released as pro-manufactured "Fresh Blood" CDEP strictly limited to 100 copies.





Established 2008 in Pittsburgh, VOW OF HATRED became one of the key leaders of the second wave Beatdown generation during the past decade. After several demo releases, a full-length and a Split-CD the Steel City Goon Squad finally found a new home under FWH Records. Their newest full-length entitled "1500" marks the next heavy step in the bands career, bringing back the facebreaking Pittsburgh Beatdown sound with massive breakdowns perfectly fitting for people who like beating up their friends. For fans of NO RETREAT, ENEMY MIND, SHATTERED REALM and LINE OF SCRIMMAGE.




BEFORE I HAD WINGS (USA) "Life Has Left Us Cold" CD

Back in 2009 Western-Massachusetts BEFORE I HAD WINGS starts destroying stages back and forth the East Coast, therefore "Life has left us cold" seems to be one the most eagerly awaited heavy Hardcore releases in 2017. The band is mainly influenced by the heavy Hardcore sound of early Y2Ks with bands like 100 DEMONS, SHATTERED REALM or MISURA and blend this style with a modern Beatdown vibe along the lines of VOW OF HATRED, LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and WORLD OF PAIN. Guest vocals on "Visions of brutality" by Matt HOMETOWN HATE and on "Life has left us cold" by Gerado BODYBAG.




DOMINATE (JP) "You Aint Nothing" CD

One of the best kept secrets in the Japanese heavy Hardcore and Beatdown scene is ready to launch their full-length debut. Founded back in 2004 within the Tokyo SOSF 59 Hardcore family besides bands like CREEPOUT, NUMB and ROCKCRIMAZ the band released so far two demos (2006 and 2014) and a MCD via BOWL HEAD Inc. (JP) with the title "Just chillin at the backyard". After more than a decade playing a hell of shows including an appearance at Summer Of Hate Festival 2011 in the USA, DOMINATE finally drop their first full record. Paying total tribute to the mid-90s East Coast heavy Hardcore scene, "You aint nothing" sounds like a sick Asian bastard of bands like BILLYCLUB SANDWICH, CROWD DETERRENT, NEXT STEP UP, BULLDOZE, STOUT and EVERYBODY GETS HURT.





DELINQUENCE is a brandnew heavy Hardcore four-piece coming from Syracuse with Latino Puerto Rican roots. "Bite the curb" features four tracks of violent Upstate NY music somewhere between early Y2K Mosh a la SHATTERED REALM and PUNISHMENT with modern sounding Beatdown along the lines of ENEMY MIND, TEN OF SWORDS and SWEAR TO GOD. Released as pro-manufactured "Fresh Blood" CDEP strictly limited to 100 copies.




TIME SPENT (USA) "Answer To None" CDEP

"Answer to none" is the great debut release by the New York / New Jersey Hardcore outfit TIME SPENT founded by ex-members from RUTHLESS DUDES, D.W.Y.S. and JUGGERNAUT. Expect 6 East Coast Hardcore tunes drawing influences from classical bands such as EVERYBODY GETS HURT, BILLYCLUB SANDWICH, SHATTERED REALM, PUNCH YOUR FACE and STIGMATA. Groove driven heavy Hardcore combined with sweet breakdowns. Guest-vocals by Danny SAINTS, Lenny CONCRETE and Joe SICKER THAN MOST. Comes as plastic slimcase CD with 4-pages thick booklet. Strictly limited to 100 copies.




LIFE AFTER DEATH (USA) "Friends fade Enemies" MCD

The year 2017 starts with a massive big bang. After two successful and already sold releases, Northwest Indianas LIFE AFTER DEATH return with their long awaited third output. On "Friends fade enemies stay" the band evolve their rough n rugged straight up Hardcore sound and deliver their strongest tracks so far. Angry, brash and violent combined with a great vocal style and crude melodic refrains. Everything to expect from a new LIFE AFTER DEATH release. Featuring guest-appearances by Patrick NO VICTORY and Jeremy LIFELESS. The perfect record to celebrate FWH release number 75. Strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.




COLD HARD TRUTH (UK) "Truthgetta" CD

Formed in 2007, COLD HARD TRUTH or BOSTON KNIFE ATTACK, as they were known back then had one mission... VIOLENCE. In the 10 years that followed the band has survived more shit than most see in lifetime. "Reflect the conflict" and "Deliver the fear" set a very high bar in terms of intensity and brutality... "Truthgetta" is 4 years in making, a revenge fuelled slab of aggression forged in a solitary mind... And it just blew the fucking roof off. 2016 is the YEAR OF THE TRUTH. Including guest-spots by Alex CURBSTOMP SCBD and Matthi NASTY.




FORCED OUT (USA) "End Of Suffering" CDEP

FORCED OUT is a five-piece heavy Hardcore band from Long Island, New York. Since forming in 2013 the band has gone through many line-up changes and different stages of their sound, but with their new EP "End of suffering" release this evolution has ended and FORCED OUT deliver a unique brand of heavy moshable East Coast Hardcore with a neckbreaking Beatdown touch. The four songs on this output draw influences from the likes of old HATEBREED, 100 DEMONS, ALL OUT WAR and IRATE. This EP comes with a full-colour layout and a great logo drawn by Greenfield Mike (ENEMY MIND, TEN OF SWORDS).




TANTRUM (UK) "Killer tape" CDEP

COLD HARD TRUTH singer Tim and guitarist Craw changed their jobs for TANTRUM. On "Killer tape" Tim delivers great riffs while Craw is responsible for the brutal vocals. Get ready for 5 metallic UK Beatdown style tracks somwhere between COLD HARD TRUTH, BUN DEM OUT, BEATDOWN FURY aka BDF, 50 CALIBER and MALDITO. Strictly limited DIY CDr re-release with new CD label design and original glossy pro-printed inlaycard. Handnumbered.






If legendary 2000 heavyhitters SHATTERED REALM, PUNISHMENT, A DEATH FOR EVERY SIN, MISURA and UNTIL THE END will ever play a reunion show together in the near future, BEFORE I HAD WINGS will be the ultimate opener of this line-up package. The 4-piece from Western Massachusetts started back in 2009 with the main intention to create a classical heavy Hardcore Mosh sound with a modern Beatdown vibe. "Dethroned" is the bands first physical release ever including new songs and older re-recorded tracks from their 2013 and 2014 Demo outputs. These 7 tracks are the ultimate soundtrack for total dancefloor destruction.




FULL CONTACT (UK) "Attitude Adjustment" CDEP

"Attitude adjustment" is the first EP by FULL CONTACT released digitally back in 2015 and now finally available in a physical format. FULL CONTACT is a very young band from the East Midlands, but those guys already know how to combine traditional UK styled Beatdown Mosh with a modern Hardcore groove. Catchy Metal riffing leading into heavy breakdowns, followed by fast forward parts, rounded up with dual vocals switching between furious shouting, Slam growls and spoken Rap parts. "Attitude adjustment" has the typical UK Beatdown Hardcore flavour and would perfectly fit between classical releases from bands like early TRC, 50 CALIBER, BEATDOWN FURY, old NINEBAR, SPECIAL MOVE and BUN DEM OUT.





6.0.1. Six feet under, no jury, one rope. Revived out of the ashes of defunct Danish Hardcore legends SPINKICK, LIFESICK is spitting out their debut release, crammed with hateful, depressive, blackened Hardcore. LIFESICKs first output "6.0.1." combines the love for heavy music with strong lyrics from the heart about life, depression, mind plague and death rounded up with sharp riffs and outstanding vocals. Sounding like the morbid vibe of THE BANNER is wrapped together with some LENGTH OF TIME riffing madness and a remarkable vocal style reminding to LIFE AFTER DEATH. Released as a professional manufactured CDr with 4-pages booklet in a limited edition of 200 copies only.





Out of frustration and the need to switch up the status quo in the current Hardcore landscape, South Jerseyss GARLAND GREENE was born. All the members of the band grew in the very active NJHC community, which has inspired their sound and played in bands such as CDC, REPERCUSSION, DEATH DO US PART, YEARS SPENT COLD and LIFELESS. Admiring Hardcore, Punk and Metalcore, GARLAND GREENEs mission has been to deliver meaningful, focused lyrics over powerful and crushing riffs with unique rhythms. For fans of MARTYR AD, UNTIL THE END, LIFELESS, BURIED ALIVE and ALL OUT WAR. Strictly limited DIY CDr re-release with new CD label design and original glossy pro-printed inlaycard. Handnumbered.





COLD REIGN is a 59 SOSF Hardcore outfit from Fort Wayne feat. TASTE THE STEEL members Matt and Dustin, who also plays in CROWD DETERRENT now. So far the band released 4-song demo entitled "Anger. Agression. Depression. Reality." and the same tracks were later re-released ond the SOSF Worldwide Family "Volume 3" Split-CD. COLD REIGNs full-length debut "The noose" features 10 straight up, heavy hitting Hardcore tunes somewhere between RINGWORM, MADBALL, LIFE AFTER DEATH and CROWD DETERRENT including guest-vocals by Josh TASTE THE STEEL, Steve LIFE AFTER DEATH and Jeremy LIFELESS. Northern Indiana no-nonsense 59 Hardcore in full effect.




DIE MY DEMON (B) "Same World Different Eyes" CDEP

DIE MY DEMON was the official first FWH signing back in 2002. Now, 13 years later the Dendermonde Hardcore outfit return with a great new release on FWH. Starting in the early days with dual vocals and two guitarists, the band shrinked now to a 4-piece but still delivering a massive brand of New York styled groovy Hardcore with an European mosh Edge. For "Same world different eyes" DIE MY DEMON entered the CCR Studios and recorded 4 new tunes with Kris Belaen (ABORTED, AMENRA, RISE AND FALL). The result is a mature solid Hardcore release sounding like a mix of EVERYBODY GETS HURT, MADBALL and MERAUDER.





Only the name is fresh on this FWH Fresh Blood Series release, the content is filled with lots of maturity and experience. PAID IN FULL members are being active for more than a decade within the North Carolina Hardcore scene and they took part in well-known bands such as DOWN IN IT, CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON, NOURISH THE FLAME and UNDYING. For their debut, PAID IN FULL recorded six straight-lined Hardcore tunes combining classical abrasiveness with modern heaviness somewhere between NO TURNING BACK, STRENGTH FOR A REASON and DEATH THREAT. The track "Choice" features some guest-vocals by Daniel Rosen from BTTER END. Limited and handnumbered edition.





Austrias Salzburg is very well known as Mozarts hometown, but also offers a fine breed of straight up heavy Hardcore. Founded back in 2003 with several releases under the belt on companies like ONE LIVE ONE CREW, CLENCHED FIST and MARKED FOR DEATH Records, the Austrian five-piece UNITED BLOOD finally found a new home on FILLED WITH HATE. Their FWH debut consists of seven precise and tight metallic Hardcore tracks full of crushing riffs, savage breakdowns and angry pissed-off vocals, completely recorded in the drummers own Deep Deep Pressure Studio. For fans of KNUCKLEDUST, 100 DEMONS, LIFELESS, RINGWORM and SHATTERED REALM.




ANTE UP (USA) "See You In Hell" CD

In the past two decades, the Motor City Detroit underground scene generated legendary names like COLD AS LIFE, H8INC, DOGZ OF WAR, EARTHMOVER and xTYRANTx. Now in 2015 its time for ANTE UP to queue into this list of heavy Michigan Hardcore outfits with the release of "See you in hell". On their 12-song full-length debut, ANTE UP created a relentless hybrid of classical violent Detroit Hardcore with uncompromising modern Beatdown Mosh full of rage and animosity. Featuring guest-vocals by Mat CITIZEN, Pelbu KNUCKLEDUST, Martijn NO TURNING BACK and Ziggy ANIMALHAUS, plus great cover-art done by FURY OF FIVE guitarist Derrick.




CDC (USA) "End" Tape

About 6 years after the release of the "Burn" MCD via FILLED WITH HATE Records, the CYBORG DEATH CAMP is back in business with 5 new tracks. CDC used this long hiatus to grow musically and to create a mature result, blending the simple, hard tough sound of the old days with a fresh Hip Hop driven groove. Summing up, CDCs new output "End" is sounding like a perfect mix of the classical CDC sound with a modern E-TOWN CONCRETE flavor. This cassette release is strictly limited to 100 copies worldwide and tapes are available in 3 different colours with a black text print plus a 3-pages double-sided printed booklet. 50 yellow copies, 25 red copies and 25 white ones.




FIRST DEGREE (USA) "Street Justice" CDEP

The new year is only few days old and with the release of their full-length debut "Street justice", California-based FIRST DEGREE already set a real statement for one of the heaviest underground records in 2015. Originally released in digital format via Bandcamp, FWH took the chance to deliver now physical copies of this massive beast of mosh as part of the Fresh Blood Series. 10 tracks of crushing, dual vocals Orange County Beatdown Hardcore along the lines of ON A WARPATH, LOSE NONE, VOW OF HATRED, DROWNING, ENEMY MIND and NASTY. Strictly limited DIY CDr re-release with new CD label design and original glossy pro-printed inlaycard. Handnumbered.




CREEPOUT (JP) "Ovskvre Tortvred Order" MCD

A Split-EP with INTEGRITY in 2009, a modified Asian version of the INTEGRITY skull in the layout, a band logo designed by INTEGRITY mastermind Dwid Hellion and INTEGRITY as exclusive band in the thanxlist is giving a perfect picture of what to expect on CREEPOUTs newest output. While their full-length debut "A tribe called Hardcore" was dedicated to the the Cleveland Indians and the sound of Clevo hatemongers ONE LIFE CREW, the bands newest bastard child named "Ovskvre Tortvred Order" is a dark piece of uncompromising Holy Terror Hardcore. A totally negative trip full of rage and anger for all disciples worshipping RINGWORM, IN COLD BLOOD, CROWD DETERRENT and INTEGRITY.




BLOODSTAINED (PL) "Headless Kingdom" CD

Active for more than a decade, Polish BLOODSTAINED is striking back with their full-length debut for FWH Records to reveal the putrid and filth of todays world. Started as a young Beatdown band in in the early days of existence, the five-piece evolved a much more metallic sound with reaching a high level of maturity. The ten new tracks on "Headless kingdom" take the best of both worlds, Metal and Hardcore, and combine them to a beast of traditional metallic Mosh with a modern vibe. The dark vocals, sharp riffing and massive breakdowns on this release finally bring back the spirit of glorious European Metal Mosh driven by bands such as ARKANGEL, KICKBACK, CRAWLSPACE and LENGTH OF TIME.




NO GOOD DEED (USA) "Cease To Exist" CDEP

Since the early days, FWH has a strong connection to the Pittsburgh Hardcore and Beatdown movement with releasing bands like END OF HUMANITY, UNIT 731, STEEL CITY FIRM and distributing records from TASTE THE STEEL, VOW OF HATRED, TEN OF SWORDS, ENEMY MIND and many more. NO GOOD DEED is the newest spawn out of this great and very active Steel City scene, with delivering 7 heavy Beatdown tunes on their debut Demo-CDr entitled "Cease To Exist". Available as handnumbered, pro-manufactured CDr including guest-vocals by Bobby VOW OF HATRED and Greenfield Mike TEN OF SWORDS/ENEMY MIND.




.38SNUB (USA) "Tha Warning Shot" CDEP

.38SNUB from Atlanta just re-recorded the 4 songs from their 2013 Demo plus an additional brandnew track to release them with the title "Tha Warning Shot" under the FWH Fresh Blood banner. .38SNUB is a nose revolver but also stands for Straight Negative Urban Beatdown, in this case Slamming Death meets plain and heavy Mosh. Or better said, sheer musical brutality somewhere between VOW OF HATRED, NO HOLDS BARRED, WITHOUT REMORSE, KNOCK EM DEAD, LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and 43 URBAN. Released as manufactured and printed CDr with glossy pro-printed inlaycard, incl. artwork made by Japanese artist KZK One.





FOREVER A VENDETTA is a promising new Hardcore outfit hailing from Massachusetts, USA. They already signed a deal with HAUNTED Records (USA) for a new release in autumn 2014. Meanwhile we took to chance to release their amazing "World of wolves" debut EP in CDr format to promote the bands name and their heavy non-nonsense Hardcore sound. This EP consists of 4 tracks reminding to a dirty mix of MADBALL, E-TOWN CONCRETE, BLOOD FOR BLOOD and even BIOHAZARD. All FWH Fresh Blood Series releases come up with handnumbered, glossy pro-printed cover. Re-release with printed CD label.




LIFE AFTER DEATH (USA) "Cuffed & Cursed" Tape

Strictly limited MC version of the brandnew LIFE AFTER DEATH "Cuffed & cursed" EP. Pro-manufactured tapes with full-colour two-sided printed booklets on glossy paper. Each side containing the 4 new EP tracks. Limited edition of 59 handnumbered copies worldwide, coming in 3 different colours. Tapes and cases matching the same colour. 25 white copies, 25 clear copies and 9 copies in yellow (not available in the Eshop).





With their debut "Scum Of Society Forever", LIFE AFTER DEATH gained a lot of respect within the worldwide Hardcore scene. The overall feedback was more than positive and 2 years later after a short hiatus, the Indiana wolfpack return with 4 new Hardcore anthems as a pre-taster for their upcoming full-length scheduled for summer 2014. Stronger than ever, LIFE AFTER DEATH bring their own style of rough no-nonsense Hardcore to perfection. Outstanding vocals, catchy singalongs, straight riffing and hard breakdowns. The ultimate treat for guys into real Hardcore such as COLD AS LIFE, MADBALL, CROWD DETERRENT and DEATH THREAT.




RIVALS (D) "Family Business" CDEP

Since about two decades the Ruhrpott area is the melting pot of German and even European Hardcore, bringing always new promising and mostly hard and heavy bands to the front. RIVALS is the latest new output featuring longtime active RPHC DRM guys from bands like BROTHERS IN CRIME and EMBRACED BY HATRED. But unlike their previous projects, RIVALS play a bastard of Old Style NYHC with a huge touch of metallic mid-90s Albany Troycore. Expect 4 songs strongly influenced by classic names such as MADBALL, DEATH THREAT, STIGMATA, DYING BREED with vocals sounding a lot like the first CARNIVORE record.




WILL TO LIVE (USA) "Old Habits Die hard" CD

In 2006 Houstons WILL TO LIVE released a MCD called "Tested And True" on defunct PA based SPOOKCITY Records and received plenty of positive feedback. 7 years later the godfathers of Texas Hardcore return with 14 new tracks, still brutal and heavy as fuck. Their new full-length entitled "Old Habits Die Hard" joins together the powerful MADBALL Hardcore energy, the destructive mosh of the early HATEBREED recordings and even the bulldozer CROWBAR heaviness. Featuring guest.-vocals by Jake KILLER APE and Griff BITTER END. Established back in 1997, WILL TO LIVE has always outlasted the loud mouths and fads keeping it real for TXHC and heavy uncompromising music.




WHATEVER IT TAKES (B) "Chasing The Rush" CD

Exactly 6 years after their debut on FWH entitled "D.H.M." the Belgian benchpress heavyweights return with 8 new tracks including the 4SKINS cover "Wonderful world". Still the same line-up feat. members from DIE... MY DEMON, THE BOSS and OUTCAST, the band ist stronger and heavier than ever. Drawing influences from mid-90s East Coast bands like FURY OF FIVE, NEXT STEP UP and CLUBBER LANG combined with early Limburg-Chapter tuff guy fury a la CRAWLSPACE, the DHM hooligans deliver one of the hardest and most violent European Hardcore records so far. Including guest-vocals by original BORN FROM PAIN singer Che.




STOUT (USA) "Tales From The Marked Side" MCD

Follow-up to their second full-length "Sleep bitch" released back in 2007, Baltimores hardest STOUT deliver their FILLED WITH HATE debut with 4 brandnew songs plus an ENTOMBED "Wolverine blues" cover. More than 15 years after their activation, the band present again their unique brand of rough Baltimore heaviness mixed up with a slow doom-edge and some of the most outstanding vocals in todays Hardcore scene. Still keeping the tradition of mid and late 90s brutal and heavy acts like SHEER TERROR, NEGLECT, NEXT STEP UP, COLD AS LIFE or BULLDOZE this output is offering real hard music for a real hard planet.




v/a UNITE FOR RELIEF "Japan Benefit" Do-CD

Great compilation worked out by killer bands, labels and organizations donating their time, money, services and music to help Hardcore kids and others in Japan. Feat. 35 bands in two discs MADBALL, TERROR, WISDOM IN CHAINS, NO TURNING BACK, BORN FROM PAIN, CRUEL HAND, DARKSIDE NYC, CREEPOUT, EMBRACED BY HATRED, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, NASTY, DOGGY HOODS, FOR THE GLORY, SAND, LOOK MY WAY, BET THE DEVIL, SICKER THAM MOST, STATE OF MIND, NUMB, BALBOA, NO SECOND CHANCE, NEXT STEP UP and many others. Full profit goes to several relief projects in Japan. Hardcore Worldwide!




xTYRANTx (USA) "Extinction" Picture7inch

xTYRANTx is back with their most solid release to date and for the first time their songs are available on plastic wax, in this case on a thick picture-vinyl with great artwork done by Rafal Wechterowicz (also SLAYER, METALLICA, PANTERA, DRAGONFORCE, etc.). The EP contains six new heavy as balls Hardcore tracks, still totally angry and sincere with pissed off "Fuck You!" lyrics. The band is playing what they really love to do, giving a shit on current trends and labels. This is fearsome Detroit Straight Edge Hardcore along the lines of COLD AS LIFE, SHATTERED REALM, FIRST BLOOD and xDISCIPLEx. Limited to only 500 copies worldwide.




SWING ON SIGHT FAMILY Worldwide "Split - Volume 3" CD

Founded back in 2002 in Youngstown Ohio, the SOSF expanded the last decade to a global organization with chapters in the USA, Japan, Spain and Germany. After two editions including an American and Japanese band each, "Volume 3" takes the next step further and features COLD REIGN (Indiana/USA), GENTLEMEN`S SPORTS (Hamburg/D) and GUERRILLA CROWZ (Tokyo/JP). Each band recorded 4 new tracks of straight-up, uncompromising no-nonsense Hardcore influenced by the traditional Cleveland sound like RINGWORM, IN COLD BLOOD, ONE LIFE CREW and even classical NYHC like CRO-MAGS, MADBALL and MERAUDER.





Check the name and you know the game. Since many years the Steel City Pittsburgh scene bring up the most heaviest Hardcore bands to front. And even STEEL CITY FIRM, consisting of ex-members from ENEMY MIND and END OF HUMANITY, follow those roots of traditional neckbreaking Pittsburgh Beatdown Hardcore. The 4 songs on their FWH debut were recorded without any studio magic like over dubs, sampled vocals or drum machine programming and bring no bullshit, raw heaviness coupled with an overwhelming wall of barbaric sound. Their unique touch of heavy music will appeal to all fans of BULLDOZE, SHATTERED REALM, BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION and TEN OF SWORDS.




LIFE AFTER DEATH (USA) "Scum Of Society Forever" Tape

Strictly limited MC version of the groundbreaking LIFE AFTER DEATH "Scum of society forever" debut CD. Pro-manufactured tapes with full-colour two-sided printed booklets on glossy paper. Each side containing the 4 new EP tracks. Limited edition of 59 handnumbered copies worldwide, coming in 3 different colours. Tapes and cases matching the same colour. 25 white copies, 25 clear copies and 9 copies in red (not available in the Eshop).




LIFE AFTER DEATH (USA) "Scum Of Society Forever" CD

Risen out of the ashes of defunct bands ICEBERG and KARLOFF, this five-piece hailing from the dead end streets of Indiana, is ready to proof, how to play true and 100% dedicated no-nonsense Hardcore. Drawing influences from bands like MADBALL, COLD AS LIFE, MERAUDER and rounded up with outstanding vocals reminding of DEATH THREAT, LIFE AFTER DEATHs 8-song debut "Scum Of Society Forever" offers everythings what to expect from a real deal Hardcore record. Straight music, strong lyrics and guest-appearances by longtime friends Rob CROWD DETERRENT, RJ DOMESTIC WAR, Jaaron BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT and Jeremy LIFELESS.





No Love For The World, motherfucker! Since the early 90s, the New Jersey scene has always been a breeding ground of uncompromising. straight in ya face, real deal Hardcore. Now ex-members from WHEN THESE DAYS END, PUNISHMENT and DEAD AND BURIED join their forces to create a brutal piece of hardhitting PAHC. The LIFELESS approach is utterly monstrous, equal parts Hardcore intensity and gut wrenching metallic precision. Feat. outstanding guest-vocals by Stikman (FURY OF FIVE and BOXCUTTER). For all fans of 100 DEMONS, MERAUDER, REPERCUSSION, CLUBBER LANG and SHATTERED REALM.





Brooklyn bruisers LINE OF SCRIMMAGE hit the streets with their longawaited FILLED WITH HATE debut and without a doubt this record is a plain brutal slam in the listeners face. Influenced by the traditional Big Apple Beatdown bands like BULLDOZE, IRATE or ONE SECOND THOUGHT and modern metallic Mosh outfits like SHATTERED REALM or FIRST BLOOD, the band created one of the most heaviest releases in this genre of the past years. This tremendous hardhitting record shows that NYC Tuff Guy Hardcore ist still alive and more devastating than ever.




SIX FT. DITCH (UK) "Recreational Violence" CD

After an endless hiatus for more than 4 years, New Hampshires most hated return with their intransigent full-lengt debut, packed with a couple of sheer brutal new massmurder anthems, influenced by serial killers Ed Gein, Ted Bundy and Fritz Haarmann. SIX FT DITCH deliver their most brutal and heaviest songs in their band history so far, including guest-vocals by Stikman FURY OF FIVE & BOXCUTTER and Matthi NASTY, plus an awesome cover-version of HOUSE OF PAIN meets HELMETs "Just another victim" from the classical "Judgement Night" soundtrack. Hail to the masters of Positive Murdercore.






COLD EXISTENCE (USA) "Mob Firing / Six Terror Six" MCD




FATAL RECOIL (B) "Stigmatizing The Backslider" CD




COPYKILL (D) "Fucking Restless" CD




DENIED (USA) "Prayer For The Enemy" CD


FOLSOM (USA) "Hammer Lane" CD





Starting back in 1997 as a OUT TO WIN (ex-MUSHMOUTH) side-project with Karl BFL on vocals, SFAR shortly became one of the most hard-working and also most beloved bands from the East Coast area. Now 12 years later the third SFAR full-length release hit the streets including their best recorded material so far. True dedicated Old Style Hardcore with some really heartfelt and passionate lyrics for all fans of MADBALL and DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. Feat. guest-vocals by Mad Joe WISDOM IN CHAINS, Martijn NO TURNING BACK and Dan COLD WORLD. This release shows the true heart in Hardcore.


DOGGY HOODS (JP) "Over Hyped, Over Hated" MCD


BLACKRIVER BOYS (USA) "Steeped In Tradition" CD






CDC (USA) "Burn" MCD



What can you expect when original SHATTERED REALM singer Chris team up with some former NJ REDLINE and current FALLBACK members? Right... Heavy as fuck Metal driven NJ Hardcore. And SUFFER THE LIVING really know how to combine SHATTERED REALM Hardcore roots with ALL OUT WAR Metal power, some melodic IRATE riffing and lots of FULL BLOWN CHAOS Mosh brutality. Completely mastered at WEST WEST Music by Alan Douches (also SICK OF IT ALL and HATEBREED) and coming with exclusively painted artwork by Rafael Wechterowicz (also TRIVIUM, LAMB OF GOD, SHADOWS FALL).


THE PLATOON (D) "Like Hyenas In The Desert" MCD

After a successful split CD on MAD MOB Records, Germanys best kept secret is back on track with 5 new punishing Hardcore tracks, plus intro. THE PLATOONs mature Hardcore sound is facing the long experience the band members made in their previous bands DRIFT, BLEEDING and BATTLESWORD. Describing their music, the band takes the best from groovy NYHC a la RAGMEN, Holy Terror Clevo Style a la RINGWORM, late 90s Tuff Guy Mosh a la BURIED ALIVE and mix it to some heavy destructive Hardcore. Incl. guest-vocals by Chris CHEAP THRILLS.


POUND FOR POUND (USA) "Kill Yourself" CD

After their furious second full-length "For our fallen brothers" on Erie/PA-based SURPRISE ATTACK MOB Records (USA), the Springfield/IL heavyweights are back with their third full CD including 13 new punishing take-no-shit Hatecore tracks. The CD title "Kill yourself" speaks for itself. Complete with apocalyptic and negative fuck-you! lyrics with a bleak outlook on life enhanced by a soundtrack of brutal no-nonsense Hardcore. Heavy and to the point angst filled music for fans of MADBALL, COLD AS LIFE, 100 DEMONS, MERAUDER and classical early-90s Hatecore stuff a la NEGLECT, BONESAW and SHEER TERROR.




FOLSOM (USA) "Neon Light Nights" MCD

Straight from "The Strip" of Sin City Las Vegas, FOLSOM strikes back with their brandnew MCD containing 6 songs to proof that they are stronger than ever. Relentless, brutal and ready to break your face into a thousand pieces. Each track laced with double-bass bombast, bone cracking chords, harsh vocals, singalongs and tales of Hammer Lane Crew life. This pure and simple Hardcore recommended for all kids into DEATH THREAT, MADBALL. HOODS and COLD AS LIFE.


Two great promising new bands of the rising central United States Hardcore scene team up for this split release. ADAAP (St.Louis/MO) is starting the battle with some great powerful driven and energetic Hardcore along the lines of DEATH THREAT, MADBALL and DEATH B4 DISHONOR while SNH (Toledo/OH) is adding some more "mosh" to the game, not unlike KING OF CLUBZ, STRENGTH FOR A REASON or SHATTERED REALM. Prepare yourself, this is the new breed of American Hardcore.


UNIT 731 (USA) "A Plague Upon Humanity" CD

Hailing from the infamous Pittsburgh Hardcore scene, bringing up names to mind like NO RETREAT, BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION and END OF HUMANITY, this young five-piece is ready to attack the listener with another masterpiece of metallic Steel City Beatdown Hardcore. If you love plain, downtuned, brutal Hardcore full of Beatdown heaviness somewhere between the classical sound of BULLDOZE, NO RETREAT or ONE SECOND THOUGHT and even newer European Mosh like SIX FT. DITCH, IN BLOOD WE TRUST or NASTY, then UNIT 731 is just right for you.


SAMARITAN (NL) "Release The Burden" MCD

Marijn ex-BORN FROM PAIN and new ENEMY GROUND guitar player, strikes back with his new band and they show how to play REAL Metalcore, without any crappy popular melodic hints. Musicwise this is definitely a couple levels upwards, think of early HATEBREED mosh meets meets massive BORN FROM PAIN heaviness with a Thrash Metallic sidestep towards early MACHINE HEAD or THE HAUNTED. ASICE Ezine: "...SAMARITAN makes music that will turn the average venue into a battlefield...". Pure Dutch brutality.


OUT FOR THE COUNT (F) "Between Light And Shade" CD

Started under the banner of COUNT TO REACT back in 2003, this heavy bulldozer Mosh tank from the rough, dirty streets of Paris City is back with their follow-up second full-length "Between light and shade"... And trust me, this some of the hardest European shit ever recorded in the past years. Dark apocalyptic metallic Hardcore sounding like a filthy bastard of older KICKBACK, ARKANGEL, REPRISAL, FROM THE DYING SKY, ALL OUT WAR and MERAUDER packaged in a blasting production. Guest-vocals French Hip Hop artist Mr. MORBID and Romain PURGATORY.



After their killer MCD "Were all broken" on CARTHAGO Music this German Hardcore rawpack is back with 6 new ass-shaking heavy NYC styled Hardcore tracks. Solid chugging NYHC riffs team up with rough outstanding vocals and a backpack full of 2-step breakdowns. For kids digging stuff like DEATH THREAT, KILLING TIME, MADBALL, TERROR or upcoming new sounds like BORROWED TIME and Co. this will be the blast.


EMBRACED BY HATRED (D) "Real Recognize Real" CD



Longawaited first full-length by Quad Cities masters of Negative Hardcore. Still heavy as fuck and this time with an awesome production mastered at MASTERMIND Productions by Grammy Award winning engineer Trevor Sadler. Plus nice cover design by Rafal Wechterowicz (IRON MAIDEN, SLAYER, METALLICA, PANTERA, TRIVIUM, etc.). Brutal and heavy Hardcore somewhere between MADBALL, SHATTERED REALM, BULLDOZE and COLD AS LIFE.


IN BLOOD WE TRUST (D) "Curb Games - Revisited" CD


FURY OF FIVE (USA) "Jersey Style" CD




SIX FT. DITCH (UK) "Voices From An Evil God" MCD

New Hampshires most hated are back with their third assault. After two MCDs on UKs RUCKTION Records heres their FWH debut. 7 new tracks and some hidden bonus stuff incl. a SECOND TO NONE live-cover. feat. Joe None (SHATTERED REALM) on vokills. If you dont know them yet, expect some raw Portsmouth Murdercore influenced by BULLDOZE, DENIED, IRATE and SHATTERED REALM coming along with a CANNIBAL CORPSE styled frontcover and some horror & serial killer lyrics.



After their split with Quad Cities KING OF CLUBZ this Belgian rawpack returns with their hard as nails full-length debut entitled like their own crew D.H.M. This is nothing for the mainstream fags. Rough, raw and straight in ya face with non-nonsense explicit lyrics combining fast moments with mean Mosh breakdowns and sick vocals. Violent and aggressive Hardcore sounding like COLD AS LIFE meets BULLDOZE meets 100 DEMONS.




WARTORNLIFE (USA) "A Diagram For Victory" MCD

Another ten ton Mosh hammer from the Pennsylvania area. Just like their brothers and longtime friends from CDC the band mixes brutal in ya face Hardcore with a murderous Mosh potential. The release contains of 5 brandnew tracks and 2 re-recorded songs from their outstanding first demo. If you are into hard as nails Hardcore along the lines of SHATTERED REALM, 100 DEMONS, UNTIL THE END, KNOCK EM DEAD, REPERCUSSION, ON A WARPATH and CDC check out this shit.





END OF HUMANITY (USA) "Unfinished Business" MCD

END OF HUMANITY is the newest face in the Pittsburgh Hardcore scene. In the end of the past century, the Steel City scene with bands like NO RETREAT and BUILT UPON FRUSTRATION became very famous for their traditional Beatdown style, mainly influenced by the mid-90s East Coast crews like BULLDOZE, ONE SECOND THOUGHT and NEXT STEP UP. Together with UNIT 731, VOW OF HATRED, ENEMY MIND and TEN OF SWORDS, END OF HUMANITY proofs that Pittsburgh is the place to be, for the ultimate Beatdown brutality. Simple, plain, slow, hard are the keywords to describe their sound the best. Get it fruit, this is real B-E-A-T-D-O-W-N!



The South Jersey Metalheads are back on track and they improved a lot after their first MCD on HOMICIDAL Records (USA). Awesome debut full-length incl. 10 neckbreaking songs full of melodic Metal riffing and lots of Mosh. All in all their sound could be described as a mix of FULL BLOWN CHAOS, THE BLACK DHALIA MURDER, IT DIES TODAY and THROWDOWN. Mastered at WEST WEST SIDE Music (SWORN ENEMY, SICK OF IT ALL, ATREYU, etc.).




CLOBBERIN TIME (D) "The Dawn Of A Dying Race" CD

Finally their longawaited debut full-length produced by HOLY MOSESs Andy Classen in the well-known STAGE ONE Studios (TANKARD, KRISUIN, RYKERS, ROTTING CHRIST, etc.). Killer Ruhrpott Hardcore Mosh mayhem influenced by FURY OF FIVE, SHATTERED REALM, HATEBREED and CROWBAR. Comes with nice design made by Chris DEADSOIL and hidden bonus track feat. Hip Hop terrorists SMA. Guest-vocals by Kevin END OF DAYS.



Our Austrian neighbours have more to offer than Red Bull and high mountains. Their Hardcore scene is small but fine and two of the hottest upcoming new Hardcore crews team up for this nice split. Both bands play strong metallic mosh-it-up Hardcore with dark growling vocals normally the German Ruhrpott area is very famous for. So if you are into bands like EMBRACED BY HATRED, IN BLOOD WE TRUST, FALLBRAWL and CIRCLE OF DEATH this release is worth checking out.




ENEMY GROUND (NL) "Insufficient Evidence" MCD

Pushing the boundries of the term HARDcore, these fellas smashing their way through 7 tracks of pure adrenaline drenched hatred. There is no reason to smile. ENEMY GROUND gives a fuck on the Posi Old School hype in The Netherlands and is bringing back some pure Dutch brutality strongly influenced by their compatriots from BORN FROM PAIN mixed up with plain heavy Hardcore mosh along the lines of IN BLOOD WE TRUST, EMBRACED BY HATRED and CDC. Because of the bloody layout, FWH Records wasnt allowed to repress the MCD in Germany, so GSR later re-released this sick debut.




RETALIATE (B) "Why We Hate" CD





Real music for real people. After releasing "Strictly The Real" MCD and "Death Is The Outcome" CD on UPRISING Records (USA) these DMS fellas are back on track with a couple of new songs filled with catchy NYC Thugcore. That means streetwise MADBALL-like Big Apple Old School Hardcore with a strong Hip Hop edge and lyrics straight in your face. This is the truth from the streets, you better listen. For fans of MADBALL, SKARHEAD aka DANNY DIABLO, SUBZERO and SONS OF SKAM.




EMBRACED BY HATRED (D) "Down to concrete" CD

Awesome debut full-length by EMBRACED BY HATRED hailing from Siegen, Germany. Nine tracks of Metal influenced Beatdown Mosh with dual-vocals, rounded up with some Hip Hop and street mentality, also reflecting in the streetart styled layout. The ultimate daily soundtrack for everyone who likes neckbreaking heavy music like DRIFT, NASTY, BORN FROM PAIN, MERAUDER or SHATTERED REALM. Incl. vocal guest-appearance by Kevin END OF DAYS and Fredi DEADSOIL.





FILLED WITH HATE Records brings together European and US bands. This time with a furious mix of Mosh from KING OF CLUBZ (Quad City/USA) in the one corner and WHATEVER IT TAKES (H8000/B) in the other. After their "The Day You Die" debut MCD, KING OF CLUBZ return with a bunch of new heavy Hardcore tracks. WHATEVER IT TAKES is new band from the Belgian Flandern area feat. OUTCAST members including Hans DIE... MY DEMON on vocals. Recommended to all Tuff Guys into COLD AS LIFE, MADBALL, HOODS, SHATTERED REALM and DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.




OUT TO WIN (USA) "Beg For Life" CD




ARKHAM 13 (USA) "Born To Bring Death" CD




REPERCUSSION (USA) "And The Winner Is..." CD




SMA (D) "Ruhrcity Kingz" CD




COUNT TO REACT (F) "Out For The Count" CD




DENIED (USA) vs. BDF (UK) "Split" CD






DIE... MY DEMON (B) "Still Loving The Game..." CD




RETALIATE (B) "Dead In The Eyes Of Salvation" MCD

This is our requiem for a dying world... with these words you've been caught up in a furious tempest that is raging from the first to the last track. RETALIATE push heavieness to a new level. Unrelenting, Death Metal influenced Beatdown Hardcore from Ypres, H8000 area. Pure bulldozer Metal Mosh mayhem lead by dual Death-grunt vocals and downtuned guitars. Reminiscent to bands like SHATTERED REALM, CRAWLSPACE, NASTY, BORN FROM PAIN and BOLT THROWER.





KING OF CLUBZ is a promsing new 5-piece based out of the Quad Cities Iowa/Illinois (USA), bringing real Hardcore back to the scene. Feat. James (THORNZ Records) on vocals and John (ex-PROVOKE, xTYRANTx) on guitar. Writing fast and angry songs in the vein of bands like MADBALL or STRENGTH FOR A REASON, combining slow brutal breakdowns like SHATTERED REALM or HATEBREED and finishing it off with pissed, straight in ya face lyrics. They brings just fucking tuff nonstop danceable HARDcore. Guest-vocals by Candace (WALLS OF JERICHO).





Formerly know as FINAL STAND this Clearfield/PA located band is back with new stuff under the banner FOREVER MEANS GOODBYE. They combine heavy handed Hardcore with cool Metal riffing and also a few melodic moments, but you can still find plenty of dancefloor destroying beatdowns. All in all this record is suitable for all fans of THROWDOWN, FULL BLOWN CHAOS, BURY YOUR DEAD and ON BROKEN WINGS.


PERSONAL VENDETTA (B) "Between Death And Glory" MCD

What to expect from a band hailing from the infamous Limburg area with spawned bands like CRAWLSPACE, FULL COURT PRESS and xKOMBATx? Right! Off the hook aggressive, often metallic Hardcore, that mark that the Limburg-Chapter is opened again. Downtuned guitars, dual vocals plus a full dose of beatdown breaks makes this record an ultimate soundtrack of dancefloor destruction. A must have for everyone into hard and heavy mosh-it-up Hardcore like BULLDOZE, NASTY, SHATTERED REALM and CRAWLSPACE.




DIE... MY DEMON (B) vs. 50 CALIBER (UK) "Split" CD


SHATTERED (NL) "Paradise Regained" CDEP

An outstanding band from the Netherlands strongly influenced by groovy New York City Hardcore with a touch of metallic Albany Upstate NY Troycore and Hip Hop styled vocals presenting their 4-song debut EP on FWH. WMTD E-Zine wrote: "Hip Hop inflicted Moshcore that sounds like the perfect mix of old BIOHAZARD, STIGMATA and E-TOWN CONCRETE." Incl. backing-vocals by Martijn NO TURNING BACK. This is one of the heaviest Dutch Hardcore releases ever of the early 2000 years, youd better believe it.



By far one of the hardest new bands coming out of the "Big Apple" hitting your face with the European re-release of their awesome debut MCD. It contains of 5 tracks of hard as a brick East Coast Hardcore combining fast forward rythms with brutal Mosh breakdowns. As result their sound could be described as a fakkin brutal mix of HATEBREED, BURIED ALIVE and MUSHMOUTH. After the great success of their selfproduced MCD in the States and excessive touring with well-known HC acts like SWORN ENEMY, FIGURE FOUR and STRENGTH FOR A REASON this NYC rawpack has signed a deal for their upcoming releases with Jamey HATEBREEDs STILLBORN Records. So, be prepared for some really heavy Queens-Style Hardcore.






DIE... MY DEMON (B) "Love The Game... Hate The Players" MCD

Arisen from the ashes of SAD ORIGIN, this Belgian sixpack is ready to break your nose with their longawaited debut release. These guys know how to combine powerful DMS influenced Old School fury with murderous beatdown-breaks and extreme brutal vocals. Fans of MADBALL, SKARHEAD, MUSHMOUTH or CLUBBERLANG will love this heavy shit. The recordings were made in the same studio as BORN FROM PAIN, DO OR DIE, ARKANGEL and ANGEL CREW, so you can expect a really phat production.




SETTLE THE SCORE (D) vs. SIDEKICK (D) "Split" Picture 7inch

Probably two of todays freshest German Hardcore acts kicking ass with some cool new stuff, banned on a thick picture-vinyl. Two tracks by each band including the fantastic CRO-MAGS cover "Dont tread on me" by SIDEKICK. This fine piece of plastic comes with a stylish Old School tattoo-artwork made by Andreas "Ramoni" Koenen (THE SINNER AND THE SAINT Tattoo, Aachen) and is strictly limited to 500 handnumbered copies.