SFAR one of the cornerstone bands of the Pennsylvania Hardcore scene, was born in 1997. Originally comprised of members from OUT TO WIN with Karl fronting the band on vocals, SFAR refocused themselves as a full-time band and obtained members that would be solely dedicated to the project.


Since their inception in 1997, SFAR has proven themselves to be one of Pennsylvania's most well-known and hard-working hardcore bands, sharing the stage with nearly every reputable hardcore band that has performed since they struck their first note. Throughout the years, facing lineup changes and hardcore trends, SFAR has remained true to their sound and their fans. Never giving in and never giving up, their relentless spirit has given rise to a band that gives it all they got for the hardcore scene they love.


SFAR has been featured on many compilations, including "WestCoast Worldwide II" on WCW Records, "Scene Report" on TRIPLE CROWN Records, "Call For Unity 3" on BACK TA BASICS Records, "A Tribute To Raybeez and Warzone" on HATE CORE Records, "Step To The Plate" on THORNZ Records, and the "9/11 NYC Benefit Compilation" on KENTAX Records just to name a few. SFAR was first featured on a 3-way split-7inch with AS THEY DIE and REACH on BACK TA BASICS in 1998.

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